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I hope you can teach me a lot about sex coz I’ve been longing for a guy who can make me see fucking as something to be looked forward to. Don’t get me wrong here, I know a thing or two about making love, but what I’d like to know more about is the kinkier side of sex. I want someone to not just say I’m pretty or tell me that I’ve got a nice set of tits (size 38D baby!)coz I know that already. I want someone to get me wet by talking to me like a dirty slut. I want someone who knows how to roleplay (oh how love to acts as your helpless sex slave!) and be imaginative enough to make me do things I’ve never done before! I’m gonna be an obedient little bitch and make every fantasy of yours cum true…provided, of course, that you make some of mine a reality as well.

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