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I’ve got lots of fantasies I want to share with you guys. Don’t worry, it’s not some schoolgirl, romantic fantasy that ends with “They all lived happily ever after” ok? It’s usually about a sexy and super horny blonde slut (that would be me) who seeks out cum-exploding pleasure from equally-horny guys she’s met on the internet. Oh, you’d love that fantasy, huh? Maybe we can play it out when we do a cam-to-cam chat inside my private chatroom at Cams.com? I can wear glasses and act like a bitchy librarian if you want to. I can’t wait for you to make me feel all horny so that I can unbutton my top and bring out the wild lustful animal in me. Ohhh my nipples are so hard right now I can feel them poking on my bra! Ohhh fuck! My puss’s so wet right now I can fit my fist inside. Ooopppsss…maybe I’ll save that for another time…unless you can convince me to do it right now.

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