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My two big tits can sometimes be a burden and a blessing. Well, it’s a burden if you mind people gawking at them wherever you go and, truthfully, it’s tiring at times when you go jogging coz they sure are heavy. LOL. But it’s a blessing coz I find the attention so flattering and such a turn on. I like it when people just stare at my boobs instead of my pretty face. It’s a testament to how attractive and thought-provoking my big set of melons is. They are a size 42F in case you were wondering. I can’t seem to keep them inside my top at all, probably because I like wearing tight tops or smaller size bras whenever I go chat at Cams.com. Oh my fans tell me that my pink nipples are showing and that maybe I’d like to let my puppies breathe; but I just wink at them and tell them that if they want to see more, they’d have to do it inside my private chat room.

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