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I’ve got a secret I want to tell you…I want to have sex all day long! I really am too shy to say it out loud and talk about it. One of the reasons I like chatting is because I can looses myself in front of complete strangers. I like the idea that I am just a name they can click on, someone who they don’t know anything about coz they really won’t believe I’m just a shy gal and not a horny slut who likes cock. It’s like having an alter ego, really. As the regular me, I can’t begin to imagine going online and facing people with only my bra and panties on me. I can’t see myself tearing off my clothes, playing with my boobs and masturbating in front of horny little strangers. It’s a good thing I change personalities right away when I’m online at Cams.com eh? It makes chatting fun and really provides an erotic escape from my otherwise boring world. And yeah, have I told you that I love fucking?

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