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I was always the shy little girl growing up. I never dared to stand out in a crowd or call attention to myself…but there’s only so much I could do keep away from the spotlight when my sexual urges start to take over me. You see, I’ve always wanted to be watched by other people. Not like being “watched” in a play or being watched while you make a presentation. What I want is someone to watch me as I expose what a dirty little slut I am! I want them to see that underneath my shy and innocent exterior, there’s a caged cock-starved whore who’s desperate for attention. I change into someone else when my webcam’s on and I log on at Cams.com looking for someone to have a steamy private chat with. And when I do find this lucky dude or gal to keep me company and share my dirty thoughts with, I make sure that we both cum before our chat ends. I’m just so fucking turned on when I know I have someone jerking off or masturbating with me inside my private chat room.

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